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Guided Tour: Managing Destinations

This is a guided tour of MileCharter for Mobile and its features. MileCharter for Mobile is currently in a public beta test, and some of these images and descriptions may change. You are welcome to download the beta version, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Selecting the day's destinations from the Master List (click for larger view)

Selecting Destinations

MileCharter for Mobile stores destinations for future use in a Master List. You can create the day's list of destinations by selecting them from this Master List.

The latest test version has the ability for you to bulk-import multiple contacts from your Android Contacts List. We also intend to add support for vCards.

Which other ways of importing locations would you find useful? Please let us know.

Interested in trying and testing MileCharter for Mobile? If so, you can download the beta version and we welcome your feedback.