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Guided Tour: Route Types and Settings

This is a guided tour of MileCharter for Mobile and its features. MileCharter for Mobile is currently in a public beta test, and some of these images and descriptions may change. You are welcome to download the beta version, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

A multi-destination route for the day (click for larger view)

Visiting all of Today's Destinations

Previously, we looked at how to use MileCharter for Mobile to find the closest potential destinations. MileCharter for Mobile can also be used to find the optimum route through all of the day's destinations.

This is controlled in the settings (see below). After pressing the Calc button and displaying the distance and times for each leg.

Navigating the multi-destination route (click for larger view)

Navigating the multi-destination route

After calculating the multi-destination route, MileCharter for Mobile can start navigating using your phone's Google Maps app.

MileCharter for Mobile's Settings page (click for larger view)


This is MileCharter for Mobile's Settings page. You can specify your preferred units, and the primary calculation to perform: Find closest destinations, or route through all destinations (see above).

MileCharter for Mobile's Traffic Settings (click for larger view)

Traffic Conditions

By default, MileCharter for Mobile will use the current traffic conditions when determining the best route and travel times. The Settings page also gives the option to use optimistic or pessimistic traffic conditions. These can be useful if you know you are going to be travelling when traffic will be quiet or busy, respectively.

Next, we look at how to manage destination lists.

Interested in trying and testing MileCharter for Mobile? If so, you can download the beta version and we welcome your feedback.