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Guided Tour: MileCharter for Mobile

This is a guided tour of MileCharter for Mobile and its features. MileCharter for Mobile is currently in a public beta test, and some of these images and descriptions may change. You are welcome to download the beta version, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

A list of today's potential destinations (click for larger view)

Current Destinations

The central part of MileCharter for Mobile is a list of destinations for the current day. These are destinations that you are interested in visiting today. They might be customers or other service locations. You do not have to visit them today: they might include destinations that you would visit if you were nearby.

Here is an example view of current destinations.

An individual destination's information

A Destination

You can edit a destination by selecting it, or add a new destination by pressing the pen 'Floating Action Button' in the lower right. This displays the Destination view (see right).

This view is used to define the destination's name and location. You can also optionally provide a description and telephone number. The telephone number can be used to send a text message or start a call to say that you will be on the way.

Locations are defined using either a street address or by selecting a point on a map.

At the moment, all locations have to be entered by hand. The initial release will also have the ability to add data from vCards, and to import information from your phone's contact list. Data import options are a particular area that we would like feedback for. Contact us if you think you can help.

The day's destinations sorted with the closest first

Closest Destinations

After pressing the Calc button, MileCharter for Mobile will calculate the route distances and travel times to each of these potential destinations. These are displayed, with the closest travel time first.

By default these calculations use the current traffic conditions, but this can be adjusted.

Using Google Maps to navigate to your chosen destination

Reaching your Destination

After the calculation has been performed, you can choose a destination, and let your phone's Google Maps app perform the navigation.

If a telephone number was set for the destination, then you also have the ability to send a text (SMS) message and/or call the destination.

After visiting a location, simply swipe it to remove it from the day's list. The location remains on the master list, so you can still use it at a future date.

Next, we look at the different route types and settings.

Interested in trying and testing MileCharter for Mobile? If so, you can download the beta version and we welcome your feedback.