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MileCharter for Mobile News

15th February 2019: Public Beta

MileCharter for Mobile has now entered public beta and can be downloaded here.

12th February 2019: vCard Import available

It is now possible to import/share vCards with MileCharter for Mobile.

8th February 2019: Contact Import available

The testing version of MileCharter for Mobile now has support for bulk imports from your Android Contact List. The import process allows you to select some or all of your contacts, and these are then quickly imported.

In addition, the testing version has had support for traffic conditions for a few months now.

Support for vCards will be added soon, and we then hope to open up testing to a public beta.

26th September 2018: Guided Tour available

A preliminary guided tour that gives an overview of MileCharter for Mobile's features and screenshots, has just been published. This will be regularly updated as new features are added.

Development continues. Feedback has helped us provide some useful usability improvements. Support for different traffic conditions.

3rd September 2018: MileCharter for Mobile available for testing

An early version of MileCharter for Mobile is now available for testing. We are interested in all comments from testers and potential users, but at this point we are particularly interested in the app's usability. Contact us if you think you can help.

The full release will be supported by advertising and/or subscriptions, but the current test version is free to use.