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Find and Navigate to your Closest Customers

MileCharter for Mobile

MileCharter for Mobile is the new Android version of our popular MileCharter product. Although cut down from the desktop version, MileCharter for Mobile lets you quickly find your closest customers or other destinations whilst you are in the field. Closest means 'quickest driving time', and typically uses current vehicle driving conditions. It can also work with optimistic and pessimistic driving conditions.

After finding your location, you can then optionally navigate to it, send a text (SMS), or call the destination contact.

As well as working with individual driving times, MileCharter for Mobile can find an optimum route through all of the destinations - aka Travelling Salesman Problem.

Edit the information for a destination (click for larger view) Closest Destinations ready for navigation (click for larger view) Or find the best route that visits all destinations (click for larger view)

MileCharter for Mobile is now available and can be downloaded here. We welcome your feedback!